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  1. Hospital Section
    Shoot. So I haven't been home for a week and I come back to my FRT looking like this. Parameters are all normal. 0 of ammonia and nitrite <10ppm of nitrate kh and gh are the same as always 3 and 4 respectively. ph is 8.0 as it has been since forever. temp is 78 Does ANYONE know what this is...
  2. Tank Journals
    Equipment 90g 48x18x24 2x54w T5HO Hagen Glo 20g sump FX5 Rena XP3 AC110 Flora Vallisneria Java Fern Fauna 15+ 2-4" clown loaches 6x Denisonii barbs 3x Juvi Bristlenose plecos (2x albino, 1x silvertip) 1x Fly River Turtle ??x Amano shrimp Before I got the pleco condos Can you see the...
1-2 of 2 Results