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    December's Aquatic Sale features lots of snails! The sale will run from Dec 4th to Dec 15th. This sale is a little shorter than my usual two weeks as I'm flying out for the holidays on the 17th so please make sure to pick up your snails before that. What I have available is Mystery Snails in...
  2. Classified Archive
    November's fishy and snaily sale! (May make a regular monthly sale depending on how fast the babies grow and overrun the tanks) Fish and snails will be available for 2 weeks from November 7th to November 21st. Leftover fish and snails will be brought up to my local pet store unless a later...
  3. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I have up for grabs some Mystery and Ramshorn Snails. I have Mysteries in large (dollar/quarter size), medium (nickel/dime size) and small (large pea-size). Ramshorns are pea to large pea-size. Available Snails Updated List Large Mystery $4 - Golden x3 - Plain Dark Olive Jade x5 Medium...
  4. Marine Livestock Classifieds
    Shutting down my tank, he is the last guy left. Bought him from JL for about ~$750, had him for about a year and a half. Looking for $500 for him
  5. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    (PRICE DROP - light and CO2 sold) Hi all, Selling my 110g setup. The tank is 6' long and comes with a black stand. I've built a custom sump underneath out of a 50g or 55g (can't remember) with inline UV light (UV Aqua Ultraviolet 24 watt, $325 brand new). Small light strip for sump, overflow...
  6. Freshwater Plants Classifieds
    About 5 little plants. *Sorry about the photo orientation :eek: Am available to meet at the following skytrain stations: Edmonds, Royal Oak, Metrotown.
  7. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    CUSTOM MADE NEW tanks. Used for one month and realized they were the wrong size. Paid $700.00. We have two identical 45L x 18W x 25H 90 gal. Brand new and perfect. Very nice and extremely well made by a local company, ordered through Shiny Fish Fishtank Service. $399.00 each We can deliver in...
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    Selling a 15 gallon tank for $10. Can meet at Skytrain stations (22nd - Metrotown).
  9. Classified Archive
    Selling this 36" x 12" x 18" aquarium with the lid, roughly 33 gallons. Price is $40 with haggling room. Pickup in Surrey.
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    Just getting rid of a bunch of aquariums and supplies due to downsizing. Selling this 45 GL long aquarium, no cracks and in good condition. Pickup in Surrey. Price is $40 - obo
  11. Classified Archive
    Selling my 20 gallon long tank with an aqueon glass top, hood light, filter, and bubbler. The price is negotiable and I'm selling from Surrey. NOTE: Not selling any livestock or plants. I'm downsizing and won't be able to accommodate a tank this size anymore.
  12. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Was getting tired of the same cookie cutter Show Guppies, so I have been experimenting and have some amazing Designer Guppies from Karen! All have the Moscow trait so large size and huge tails but at a much more affordable price! Reds, Greens, Turquoise, Blue! $4 each. Will be home Good...
  13. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    EVERY Tuesday, we offer 50% off fish under $10! If you're looking to stock your tank without totally breaking your bank account, Tuesday's a great day to come in and grab a big school of tetras, or anything else you need! Come in early to make sure the fish you want doesn't sell out! :) Feel...
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    Beautiful Blue Moscow Delta culls with slight imperfections, not show quality looking for a good home. I also have HB Blue Deltas, HB Blue and Red Deltas and Blue Moscow Deltas for sale. Photos of the culls can be seen on my profile Album. Will be home all day Saturday Contact Karen 604-532-8670
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    Need to get rid of all my fish. Yellow Labs 1 - 4 inch $4 8 - 1 inch to 2 inch $10 for all. 1 blue fish 3.5 inch $4. All for $15.
  16. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Re: Rare Lyretail Swordtails... Hello, I have genetic stock for lyre tail - swordtails) (some top and bottom both black and some only one black the other red) and high dorsal fin (some black and some red)... Any red eyes appearing in the pictures are just camera angles actual fish are not red...
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    I have a small ziplock bag of Java Moss for $5. I can meet at Edmonds Skytrain station. Please message me at 604 537 9198 if interested!
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    For Sale : 135 gallon Hagen aquarium (72"long X 24" high X 18" wide) with glass tops, stand, 6' fluorescent light fixture with extra bulb and timer, XP3 canister filter with new foams. Small bucket of sand/gravel mix. Stand is welded steel frame with oak fascia and is fully hardwired with 13...
  19. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I'm moving out soon, out of province school, and no one will take care of them for me so I'm looking to sell them if you would like to purchase all four I will charge $150, each for $40. No tank included ,will provide YouTube video I uploaded a few weeks ago Feeding red belly piranhas some...
1-19 of 36 Results