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  1. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Hello! It's been a long time since I've been on:( got rid of my small tanks and big tank plus moved. One day I will re-immerse in the hobby!! ANyway, I'm looking for a small-mid sized tank for my daughter's gerbil. -Free -In abbotsford area only -Can will never be used to hold...
  2. Classified Archive
    Hello! I am about to move away and desperately need to get rid of my two freshwater tanks. 1. 10 gallon freshwater tank complete with heater, filter, and lighting 2. 2 gallon freshwater tank complete with filter, and lighting Willing to give gravel, rock decor, as well as any and all...
  3. Freshwater Chat
    Please Help! Must move this weekend and cant take my fish! 78 Gallon tank, with Rena Triple Stage filter, Oak stand and cap, lighting, lava rocks, gravel, plants, test kit, food...everything you need. Located in South Surrey. Its available for pick up Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Preferably...
  4. Classified Archive
    Finished a move and some tanks I left behind for the new tenant are suddenly in the way. I'm heading there right now to grab em and whomever wants em can have em! They probably aren't clean as a whistle, but they're free!!! What d'ya expect for nothing...a rubber biscuit? Might be able to...
  5. Classified Archive
    Hello! I'm giving away my 10 gallon aquarium. It comes with a lid with fluorescent lights, gravel, plants, rocks, and a few shells. Also a few fish (3 female bettas, 1 pleco, and 1 cory). No filter however, or thermometre. Send me an email if you are interested. Must pick up. Thanks...
  6. Classified Archive
    all gone. thanks everybody.
1-6 of 6 Results