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    My planted with discus, zebra plecos, snowball pleco, leapord frog plecos .Automated with neptune apex
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    Tank: ADA 120-P (~65 gallon) ADA Cube Garden 65G/219L 120P 120x45x45cm/48x18x18" 12mm Product Code: 102-8553 MSRP: $909.99 Filters: Two Eheim 2117, Rated for 320 gallon, Flow rate 264 GPH x 2 MSRP: $169.99 x 2 = $340 CO2: 10lb bottle, inline reactor, dual guage Milwaukee regulator (one gauge...
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    FS: Pigeon/Red Snakeskin Discus; 2x3" $35 each, 2x2" $30 each and 1x1.5" $5 Five Pigeon/Red Snakeskin discus for sale. Pickup in langley Looking to sell 5 of my last discus breed by my Red Snakeskin and Turquoise discus breeding pair. Two are 3", two are 2" and one is about 1.5". The 3 inch...
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    I have water sprite live plant for sale. Its a super hardy plant which can grow in the gravel or floating on the water surface. Its a great background plant. $3.50 for a 10 inch plant (aprox) Bunch of 4 healthy plants only $12 (last two images) Please contact if interested. Thanks
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    Healthy, happy and bored, this male discus needs a new home. Asking $40. Also FS: 20 gallon tank with all equipment, stand, lighting, asking $40.
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    For Sale 1x7 month old and 3x4 m old AND new additions LOL 1 month old and already eating!!! Sorry not very good pic and video was in middle of cleaning tank when I took these! temporary *Delivery available please make arrangements! Eating Hikari Carnivore pellets and shrimp training them...
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    Hi everyone, I have a low tech/light 20G that looks very sad at the moment. Looking for deals on: Low light / Low tech (no CO2 injection) plants /driftwood :) Anything you're willing to give away, trade, or sell, please PM or reply!! :D
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    Re: Rare Lyretail Swordtails... Hello, I have genetic stock for lyre tail - swordtails) (some top and bottom both black and some only one black the other red) and high dorsal fin (some black and some red)... Any red eyes appearing in the pictures are just camera angles actual fish are not red...
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    I have tried both pauls and rogers aquatics and they only seem to have fire eels (too big for my 50 gallon tank), are there any others which might have peacock eels or which you would consider the best?
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    2 x females, both are about 2 inches. $5 each, trade or best offer :) Thanks!
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    I currently have 15 red ramshorns in my tank. I looove snails, and am trying to breed them. None have layed eggs yet, although I'd really like to get some different colors (Or even species, if they guaranteed won't eat each other) in there, which is where this wanted ad comes in: I'm willing...
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    very nice eclipse tank with 2 very bright bulbs built right into the hood also comes with heater, thermometer, cleaning magnet, air pump and bubble curtain. 150$
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    i got lots of driftwood to get rid of, and some nice river rocks, some round and flat ones. looking to trade for aquariums, equipment, freshwater fish and crab, other offers welcome.
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    Hey everyone, We are planning for the busiest months ahead and are preparing to bring in several orders with many fantastic, rare, and beautiful species. Here are a list of some of the species we will be bringing in as well as some of the pictures of the koi that will be arriving as well. If...
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    *** update*** new price 30$!!! it's only been opened twice, once when I got it a year ago and then today to make sure everything was still in the box. filters out ICK and other harmful parasites can be used in both fresh and salt water setups removes iron and mineral deposits runs quietly no...
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    I'm going to be starting a brackish water tank and I've seen these guys online and they seem so interesting to look at, love it if anyone would know where I could find a couple??
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    Looking for about 10 or so, good quality with good colouring. Not looking to pay a fortune for them, so let me know what you have. I'm not sold on the various brandings of cherry shrimp, so pictures are a must for me to want to purchase them. Can pick up this weekend. Thanks.
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    Wanted: 90-110 Gallon fish tank with light, stand, and filter. Send me a price! I live in Abbotsford and can pick up from Chilliwack to Vancouver. I can either purchase or do a trade for either my 33 gallon set up with stand, 10 gallon set up with stand or 20 gallon without stand. Plus I'll add...
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    Tomorrow I am purchasing a 96 US gallon tank from a family friend. Its a killer price of $200 including light fixter, custom stand, filter and all his accessories. I do not know exactly what is in this surprise package but he previously had freshwater and marine aquariums and he wants it all...
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    I have lots of coarse crushed coral to use as substrate for fresh or saltwater aquariums. Also, lots of beautiful large pieces to use as decorations. mostly white but the other colours really stand out when wet. You all know how expensive coral is so $80 TAKES IT ALL. PM or call/text steve at...