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  1. Hospital Section
    Hi everyone Just wondering what the current recommendation is for fungus in a tank with some 6-plus-inch clown loaches? The loaches aren't currently affected but some barbs are, if it was just the barbs I wouldn't worry so much about what I used but I'm rather attached to the loaches, we've had...
  2. Hospital Section
    Does anyone know if the liquid version is safe for tanks with Amano shrimp and plant safe (mosses)? I don't have the package anymore so I don't know what's in it. It's this one here. Thanks.
  3. Hospital Section
    My african dwarf frog has started getting this fuzzy coat on him. I'm not sure if it starts at him, then spreads into the rest of the water, but the stuff is everywhere after a day. It started about a week ago, but he shed it after the first two days. It came back the next day, and then two days...
  4. Hospital Section
    One of my younger crowntail bettas has developed cottony white fuzz on multiple ray extensions. Nothing on the body. He eats wells and swims around fine, but the fuzz looks like he swam through some dust bunnies. Any ideas what it could be? Some sort of fungus? Treatment options? Using salt at...
1-4 of 4 Results