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  1. Freshwater Chat
    Hi i have a 240litre tank that I'm wanting to change from gravel to sand and start a better scape. I was seriously thinking hard about changing the gravel to sand for my peppered corys but after getting some stem plants free after buying some food I am now left with an over-run of mini ramshorn...
  2. Classified Archive
    Hi, I have approximately 6 L (2 bags of 3L each) of ADA Amazonia soil for sale. They came in 2 bags when new. I still have some unused ones in a bag. I have placed them in my ADA tank for 2 months before I took down the tank. I have washed and rinsed them and they are now ready to grow some...
  3. Freshwater Chat
    hi guys im currently trying to find a good substrate for a 210 gallon im planning on having jack dempseys and electric blues mainly plus other fish (not yet decided) so im not looking for a very dark substrate open to any ideas that are cheap and wouldn't mess around with my PH all to much...
  4. Classified Archive
    Got home, opened the bag, started rinsing it, realized I'd bought the wrong color... Doh! Never used. Bag is opened. Bought for $30.00 from Aquariums West. Selling for: $20.00 or Trading for: plants (anything grassy or mossy - Cryptocorynes, Sagittaria, Hemianthus etc)...
  5. Classified Archive
    $5 for 15 lbs. -- one bag of Flourite (regular) that was used for 6 months; rinsed and dried. Pickup near Gastown / downtown.
  6. Classified Archive
    i am looking for some gravel for my 33gl.... normal colored rock is what i like... let me know if u have some or a good place to buy some. rogers has gravel for sale at $1.17 lb is that a good price? thanks
  7. Classified Archive
    For the Victoria, B.C. area only, or if you're planning on visiting What I have: large diameter inert slate gravel, blue/green/grey (this stuff is heavy)(+1/4") full small tote plus --easily fills a 90 gallon a few inches deep; clean; may include a 4 gallon pail of black What I would like to...
  8. Classified Archive
    I have the following available as we are clearing out all our unused Aquariums and Supplies: Various Aquariums 2.5 - 20 Gallon Tanks with NO LIDS. Some are the seamless tanks. Being sold at $1.00 per gallon: Seamless Tanks (SOLD) In Tank UV STERILIZER in Good Condition. We used this on a...
1-8 of 8 Results