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  1. Alouetta Bettas
    Arrived March 15th from Thailand. All healthy, active and eating North Fin Betta pellets and frozen bloodworm. ALSO IN STOCK: - Silver Halfmoon Breeding pair - Two white half-moon breeding pairs - Black HMPK breeding pair - Red Halfmoon breeding pair & MORE If you live in the lower...
  2. Classified Archive
    Mustard Gas Half Moon Female Betta (2 inches) for sale --- $10 each. Mustard Gas Half Moon Male Betta (1.5 inch) for sale ---- $10 each. These beautiful and healthy mustard gas half moon bettas are shipped via USPS Express Mail. For further inquiries, please submit your questions to...
  3. Member Photo/Video Gallery
    I have an deep admiration for white Bettas. When I saw this Opaque Platinum on Aquabid I just had to have him :eek:. Unfortunately my experience with online Bettas hasn't been good. This will be the last time I buy Bettas online. Halfmoons simply don't ship well because of their delicate...
1-3 of 4 Results