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    hydor smart wave circulation pump controller (new in box ) $50.00
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    Liquidating my aquarium equipment to fund school. $25 2x Eheim 300W New Style Heater $25 Eheim 200W New Style Heater $20 Eheim 125W New Style Heater $15 Eheim 50W New Style Heater $40 Hydor 200W Inline Heater (used for not even 3 months $20 2x Fluval 300W Heater Due to the sheer...
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    1. Koralia Power heads (2) 1 is 850gph, one is 600gph. 600pgh powerhead is in perfect working order. 850gph powerhead suction cup attachment is broken, but actual powerhead works fine. 15$ for 600gph, 10$ for 850pgh ones 2. AW20 aqualifter airpump. 10$, like new with tubing. 3. Divepower...
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    FS: used Hydor Mini heater, 7.5 watts, good for 5 gallons or less. Works great. $5.00
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    Hey guys, looking for a Rena xp3 filter, i found them online for 140$ new so i'm looking for something used and cheaper. Or if you have a eheim 2026 with 5/8" hose.. or similar.. also looking for a inline hydor heater with 5/8 hose attachments. i do live in calgary so i can pay by paypal...