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  1. Hospital Section
    I couldn't find an exact match on photos so not 100% sure Does this poor little guy have Ich? He is the only one displaying this in a tank of 25 fish (135 gallons) Your input on diagnosis and best treatment is greatly appreciated
  2. Hospital Section
    alright so my four baby goldfish have been doing pretty good. but today I noticed white spots around the eye on one side of its head. I think its ich. please I need help fixing this problem. the fish are all swimming fine even the one with spots. I added aquarium salt today too.
  3. Hospital Section
    Last night I discovered that several of my fish are infected with ich. It has affected my cardinal tetras and my neon dwarf rainbow. So far I can't see any visible signs of it on my cory cats, but I'm not able to get a good look at all of them as they like to hide under the plants. I have...
  4. Hospital Section
    My betta (Bubbly, female, four years old) started looking a little raggety, so the pet store people told me to dose her with Bettafix. Tested it and she looked a happier so I went ahead with a regular treatment course. She developed a white spot/bubble in front of her eye. Now what I'm reading...
  5. Marine Chat
    Hi everyone recently my fish got ICH and a royal dotty died 1st, and green manderian died 2nd and now my yellow tang died today :( . i dont want my clown fishes die so i need helpppp. the tank is around 3 months old. i have frog spawn, elephant ear and a torch and fire shrimp i bought ICH-X...
  6. Hospital Section
    I set up my ten gallon, planted (anubias, hornwort, indian fern, bacopa monnieri, saggitaria), with diy co2, tank on April 13th. There was a female and three males, and they were breeding every morning, totally active...perfect. I did 25 % pwcevery morning, ammonia never got over .25 ml/l and...
1-6 of 6 Results