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    Beautiful Vibrant Breeding pair of Kribensis Cichlids for sale. They've bred for me multiple times already. Location: Newton, Surrey Asking $20 for the pair.
  2. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    2 x females, both are about 2 inches. $5 each, trade or best offer :) Thanks!
  3. Classified Archive
    Looking for a home for my breeding pair of normal-coloured kribensis. The male is about 10 cm and the female is about 5 cm. No idea how old they are as I bought them as adults from a LFS.
  4. Freshwater Chat
    I have an ongoing battle with duckweed in my tanks. Yesterday while checking on my new cories I noticed the AC 70 filter fins were filling up with DW. Then to my surprise and pleasure one of the Kribs/Kribensis . swam up and started browsing on it.
  5. Introduction Area
    Hi everyone! I've just signed up here, very new to BC Aquaria... didn't even know it existed until yesterday! I'd been thinking that surely there must be something like this online, somewhere, and here it is. I'm looking forward to having a place to chat about fish and ask questions (I don't...
1-5 of 5 Results