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  1. Freshwater Chat
    I'm have been looking into being able to grow my own food source for my fish. I have mainly been wanting to do black worms. What has your experience been with live foods? Any other ideas on what else to grow? Does anyone know where it is possible to get some live black worms?
  2. Sales/Spotted/Group Buy
    Anyone close to Delta have live daphnia? My culture crashed.
  3. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Live food for sale! Daphnia and other freshwater creatures raised outdoors. Price depends upon amount ranging from $5 for a starter culture to $20 for large container with hundreds of daphnia in it. Since it's outdoors, we will probably also have blood worms (chironomid larvae) Daphnia: a...
  4. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I'm looking for some live black worms to keep as a culture. I know somewhere can buy from at Vancouver west and Richmond, but it's far away. if somebody can drop a small amount to my house or I can pick up at Burnaby/newest/vaneast, I can pay $5 . free white worm culture for whom can deliver...
  5. Classified Archive
    microworm or vinegar eel starter cultures $2.50 limited number available, pu in Port Coquitlam
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi, We are Dan, Jennifer and Amanda. More commonly known as California Blackworm Co. Been in the Hobby and the Business since the age of 13. Yes, started at 13 when I worked for Mack Galbrith, some of the old Discus timers might remember him. He was one of the first to successfully spawn and...
1-6 of 6 Results