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  1. Classified Archive
    I'm moving long distance and sadly need to part with my setup. Includes everything you need and more: - 29 gallon curved front aquarium - Beamworks LED lighting system with timer - Protein skimmer - heater - filter - circulation pumps - lots of live rock with some mushroom coral - sand - 2...
  2. Classified Archive
    Hi everyone, I am sadly having to sell my Red Sea Max 250 complete set up. What I have for sale is the following: Red Sea Max (black) complete tank, stock equipment and original stand. -upgraded rear cooling fans - larger than originals so cools much quicker and more efficiently -temperature...
  3. Classified Archive
    Looking for approximately 100 lbs of base rock. Prefer if it is new as I don't want to spend time cleaning. Obviously looking for very creative and porous pieces. If I like the product (style, price, etc), there is a high probability I will increase my request to 300 lbs. I can get it...
  4. Marine Chat
    I now have a 210G tank. With i believe a 30 g sump. I want to set it up as a SWFO and have done a lot of research but am having some trouble finding a couple answers. Bought my first tank less then 4 months ago. 50G Fresh water community tank and it has been doing great, now for the first...
  5. Classified Archive
    I have a 75 Gallon aquarium (black in color), 2 T5 lamps (bought for 100+), filter, blower, thermometer around 60-70 pounds of live rock (which is currently filled with moss- needs scrubbing which I bought for $400+ at King Eds) a brand new protein skimmer without box ******must take all of...
  6. Classified Archive
    Hi there, I am selling everything together for a low price. I have got saltwater chemicals and a protein skimmer for sale: Protein Skimmer that comes with a pump rated for up to 50 gal (AquaClear 402 pump). I don't have the name or type of the skimmer. Great condition with all parts. SALIFERT...
  7. Classified Archive
    I'm looking to seed a 70 gallon tank with live sand. I am hoping to trade some fresh unused sand for a sprinkling of your granular gold if your tank has been free of ich and other undesirables.
  8. Classified Archive
    looking for 10-15lbs or so of live rock preferably somewhere between salmon arm and vernon. maybe kamloops or even kelowna if the price is right? also in need of some chaeto. anything is better than nothing... thank you.
  9. Classified Archive
    hey, i have a 32oz. cup of live rock/crushed coral (ranging in sizes from 1/2" to 2 1/2") fully cycled just came out of my sump yesterday. $10 or open to trades looking for driftwood. anjie
1-9 of 9 Results