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  1. Freshwater Plants Classifieds
    Looking for low tec plants for as cheep as possible (but perfer trade) for a 2 gallon birthing/nursery tank. Got 2 beautiful :lol: front to back: white to blue female guppy that are pregnant and some one accidentally put a beautiful blue male in the tank :eek: mom's at currently in my 20...
  2. Aquarium Photography
    A series of stock FLUVAL SPEC planted nano tanks that demonstrates the potential of Low-tech and Low-light aquascaping in 2.0, 2.5, and 5.5 gallons of water. No CO2 injection and high wattage required. More upcoming tanks... As much as it is challenging to cultivate a healthy and thriving nano...
  3. Planted Tank Specific
    Hey guys, So, after having gone cold turkey from my MTS about year ago, finally stumbled across a beautiful planted tank picture about a month ago which forced me to relapse and want to get another planted tank set up again. But this time I wanted something a little more challenging. I'm done...
1-3 of 3 Results