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  1. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I have 20 albino socolofis ranging from 1 to 2 inch. I will sell in batches of 10 for $20 per batch (works out to $2 per fish). Lots of good photos on Google...
  2. Classified Archive
    2x Ice blue zebra cichlids, 1 male and 1 female Venestus cichlid unknown gender 3 kenyii cichlids, 2 blue 1 yellow 1 male aratus All the cichlids are fully grown. They are all approx. 4-6inches. I also have 1 juvenile Jack Dempsey cichlid ALL FREE NOW, They need to go so I can make room for...
  3. Classified Archive
    I am looking for great mbuna or tanganyika cichlids to add to my tank. if u guys have any suggestions or anything for sale pls txt or call me at 778 628 7779. just gimme a shout and well talk bussiness. im also looking for strawberry peacocks nd any colorful peacocks available. thanks.
  4. Classified Archive
    Hey, I am looking to clear some space in my tanks so I can get new fish. Here's what I have to part with: 2 cynotilapia afra cobue males nice colors, about 5" $20 ea o.b.o I got these fish about 3 yars ago from Clayton at Riftzone Aquatics, and they are really nice quality. The fish are in...
  5. Classified Archive
    Just moved and I've got a 65g and a 120g awaiting some new tenants. Would like to start off with an African community in the 65g, so I'm looking for around 14-18 Africans. Probably Malawi, but any chichlids from that continent that aren't too tempermental will be considered. I've also got a...
1-5 of 6 Results