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  1. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    28 gallon Nano Reef Tank, stand, filter, heater, aqua illumination led lid, live rock, sand, odds and ends including refractometer, etc. Still operating but no livestock. Was magnificent but let it go and now too busy to reestablish. Reply to ad or text me 604-723-9707 Dave
  2. Freshwater Chat
    Are there any stores around Vancouver/Richmond that sell Chili/Mosquito Rasboras? Are there any special care requirements for this species? How much is their bioload compared to tetras/bettas etc.?
  3. Tank Journals
    After being out of the hobby for a year and well over 12 years since my last planted tank, I've decided to get back into the hobby with something that I had never tried before: a dirted tank / Walstad method / Natural Planted Tank (NPT). Tank: FLUVAL Spec V (5 gallon) Equipment: original pump...
  4. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Used for about a year, upgraded my betta to a bigger tank $70
  5. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Looking to start a nano planted tank on a tiny budget. Inherited a neglected betta and want to give him a decent home. I'll need a small tank (not less than 5g - I want lots of room for plants), heater, lighting, filter, etc. If anyone has suitable things things for sale pm me!
  6. Aquarium Photography
    A series of stock FLUVAL SPEC planted nano tanks that demonstrates the potential of Low-tech and Low-light aquascaping in 2.0, 2.5, and 5.5 gallons of water. No CO2 injection and high wattage required. More upcoming tanks... As much as it is challenging to cultivate a healthy and thriving nano...
  7. Member Photo/Video Gallery
    Making Magic in Glass Boxes Summary 5 Month Update on two Fluval Spec V Low-Tech Nano tanks. They are fully planted, nano fish community tanks. I use the stock 7500k LED fluval lights that came with the kit, but all the plants haven been doing great so far because of additional daylight from...
  8. Tank Journals
    I sold my first planted tank this evening (to make room for my 120p ;)) and figured I would post a few pics, The full journal is located on The Planted Tank forums. First week (August 2012) 2 weeks in, (got impatient and planted some more DHG -- lol no it didn't grow that quick) 2 months...
  9. Tank Journals
    Let's start with introductions. Hi, I'm Albert and I like Nano of all sorts. Here's a few I've done (both past and present): Dendro Dominated Nano Zoa Dominated Nano Lily-themed FW Nano Nano Display @ Oceanic Corals Crypt-dominated 4 gallon Same tank rescaped, a few months later...
  10. Tank Journals
    Hello. I'm currently setting up a 2.25 gallon tall glass vase for some shrimp after seeing this thread: I need some advice on plants and lighting. I need a light to keep some low to medium light...
  11. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    Hey all, When I first got my cherry shrimp about 3 weeks ago I thought it would be a while before I would see one berried. The biggest of the 10 I have in my 10 gallon community tank are 3/4" to 1", and I was thinking they weren't even capable of getting berried at this age/length. So when I...
  12. Freshwater Chat
    Having just sold my beautiful 40 gallon acrylic, I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket, and an itch to try something new (and smaller of course)! The Fluval edge has caught my eye, but I am thinking it would work better as a non-planted tank since I don't particularly want to get into...
  13. Classified Archive
    L/F.. dwarf shrimp, Endlers, Nano Plants FOUND }>(((*> PLEASE CLOSE <*)))>< Hi Guys looking for, Yellow, Green and other odd dwarf shrimp Endlers (groups, as pure as possible. some mix is ok but not F1 guppy mix..or so..) Plants, dwarf, ground cover, moss etc. Will pay cash or I have a ton...
1-13 of 13 Results