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  1. For Trade gone

    Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
  2. Sold Oscar

    Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    4-5" Oscar Will trade for other cichlids such as severum, geophagus, white saum, gold saum Located in Delta
    $20 CAD
  3. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Lutino oscar for sale. About 8", my other oscar won't accept it. 20 bucks obo. More importantly it goes to a good home so if you have an oscar sanctuary ill waive the rehoming fee :) Text 778 960 9655 for quicker response.
    $20 CAD
  4. Traded Oscar FS/FT

    Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Have no room in my setup for this guy. About 8-10 inches. Located in Delta. Hoping to rehome tonight
  5. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    90 gallon full set up comes with everything but the stand. FX6 filter system, submergible heater, lights, no lid, 2 sponge filters, gravel and all decor. All fish seen are included 5 XL Angels, Oscar, 2 Bala Sharks, 1 Red tail Shark, 2 Jack Dempsey, 2 Yoyo Loaches
  6. Classified Archive
    3x parrot chiclids 4 -5 inchs 1x albino oscar 5 inch 1x tiger oscar 6+ inches 1x clown loach 2 inch 1x convict 2 inches 1x common pleco 5+ inches 1x red severm 4+ inches 55 gallons + fx4 + heater+accessories all fishes are healthy and they are very peaceful living together.i would someone to...
  7. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    hi Everyone, I am really new here and just want to sell my oscar and his tank for total $30, tank is clean, 10 gal with filter and mini heater, light in the cover of the tank. I i know the tank is small but a year ago he was sooo small. Reason for sell is I am moving soon, and can no longer keep...
  8. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I sadly need to rehome my 2 year old female Oscar, as she doesn't get along with her tankmate and I am not able to get a separate tank for her. I love this fish and am looking for a good home only. She's a really pretty yellow/orange colour and full of personality. Please let me know what kind...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hello All! So happy to have found you! For about ten years I ran many tanks 150, 75, 50 and all the way down. As is common I started small and ended up as big as we had room for. My most beloved finned kids of all time were my Oscar Gobbles who broke my heart with a huge tumour (only 5 years...
  10. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Looking for a Leporinus that's at least 7" big. I have two 13" Oscars so anything smaller than that would just become fish food. Will also consider big Catfish or other Bottom Dwellers that do a good job of cleaning up left over food. Let me know what you have with prices please!
  11. New World Cichlids
    Hey guys, So here's a bit of background info to start this off. I have two 13" Oscars and they are like best friends. They follow each other around EVERYWHERE and they pretty much do everything together. Now, I'm not 100% sure about this but I think that they are a breeding pair. So recently, I...
  12. New World Cichlids
    Hey guys, I have a quick question for ya. So I have a 110 gallon tank with two oscars in it. One of them is 13" and the other is 12", so they're both pretty much fully grown already. Well, tomorrow I'm going down to Surrey to pick up a 36 gallon tank and it comes with an oscar. Now the problem...
  13. Freshwater Chat
    hi everyone !! im setting up a new tank and looking for some suggestions im setting up a 165gallon cichlid habitat , rite now i have 5 nice pieces of utah rock and the buffered ph sand everything is cycled and im ready for some more fish , my first two fish im introducing to the tank are a pair...
  14. Classified Archive
    Hi, I am parting with all my large monsters...all of the following for 100$, take them together! 1x Tiger Oscar- 10 inches 1x Tiger Tilapia- 10 inches 1x Clownknife- 23 inches 4x Senegal Bichirs- 5-7 inches 2x Jaguar Cichlids- 7 inches (Breeding Pair) 1x Mono. Pbass- 6.5 inches All living...
  15. Classified Archive
    Hi BCA Members, Sadly this is my last and only fish tank currently setup with all my fish in it and it has to go as well. Here is the ad with pictures attached below. 200 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium w/everything included. Right now I need the cash for other things in life and these fish and...
  16. Classified Archive
    Looking to trade my 26-29 inch clownknife, this monster is not working out with the rest of my fish. Healthy and great looking..I was very impressed by its size when I got it (not reccomended for tanks smaller than 200 Gallons) Will trade for any other monster you may be looking to trade. PM ME...
  17. Classified Archive
    Hi, I am selling my 110 Gallon Tank (6ftx18inchesx18inches) that comes with a stand built at home, and a light for 300$ firm...Has no cracks or leaks and is currently holding water, condition of tank is great too! Just upgraded to a 200 Gallon. PM me if interested or for more info.
  18. Classified Archive
    Looking to find a new home 5 Bichirs...very active and healthy, and are pellet trained. There is no question that these are definatley the most entertaining fish I have ever owned. Sadly, I have to let these go because I am upgrading to a larger tank and need the money.Smallest one is 4.5 inches...
  19. Classified Archive
    Looking for a stingray..anywhere from a teacup size to 15 inches, not looking to spend anymore than 100$..any species!! So if your looking to find yours a new home, please pm me asap. Thanks for your time. Ray :cool:
1-19 of 27 Results