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    Selling or Trading some fish that I have no room for... 4x Senegal Bichirs-100$ takes all...sizes are from 4-8 inches-PENDING 1x Small/Baby Silver Arowana-$35 (paid $50)...4 inches-PENDING 1x Green Terror- $10...3 inches-PENDING 1x Jaguar Cichlid- $10...2.5 inches-PENDING 2x Tiger...
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    I have a Convict I am not exactly sure on the size id say about 4" it's a male $5 (Gone) 2 tiger Oscars one is about 7" other is 6" also un sure of the sex of them both asking $40 for both the Oscars Red Devil cichlid I am unsure if it's male or female it's about 6" $15 (gone) Please give...