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  1. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Aquarium CO2 injection set-up. Includes: - 24oz paintball CO2 tank - Paintball tank -> CO2 regulator adapter - CO2 regulator with solenoid and built in bubble counter - CO2 safe tubing Perfect for smaller aquariums, under 30 gallons. $100
  2. Aqua Lounge
    I have a trade in place for this person, I'm don't know anything about paintball and hopefully in this awesome forum someone has it worth it? How should I check for the paintball marker. I honestly don't play my PS3 anymore. Would like to try paint idea where to...
  3. Classified Archive
    Brand new 20 oz paintball, should still be at least 3/4 full, bottle stamped Sept/10 paid $30 at Badlands. Paintball CO2 on/off bought from Milsig paid $15. Needle valve from Fairview Fittings paid $35 Diffuser with bubble counter and check valve from King Ed paid $15. All this was purchased...
1-3 of 3 Results