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  1. Hospital Section
    Hello everyone, I’m afraid to say but I think my Betta, Poppy has some sort of internal parasites and I’m not sure what to do anymore. I’ve tried looking at almost every store in Vancouver for medication (to no success due to it being illegal) and have even tried calling a few vets. If anyone...
  2. Marine Chat
    Hi, My valentini puffer seems to constantly have little white bumps along mainly/only his underside. No, they don't look like ich. I've tried treating him and the whole tank for good measure with PraziPro dewormer in the past and it always seems to crop up again. He is not under any undue stress...
  3. Hospital Section
    First, I want to thank Pat for the help so far with my attempt to kill what I think is callamanus worms. Just wanted to get some more opinions. A month ago I got a guppy from a LFS that definitely had the red worms in the anus. I was stupid and did not quarantine the fish for a full two weeks...
  4. Freshwater Chat
    So I was cleaning my tank today and noticed a few little things on the bottom of the tank. They are super tiny, just a few mm long, and look like little anemones with a thicker trunk and thinner fine tentacle/finger like tops. It's a freshwater tank with fancy goldfish and the fish appear to...
  5. Aqua Lounge
    Just a heads up, I bought some regular goldfish form Petsmart on 120th and 72nd for my daughter. Turns out they were riddled with lice. Lookout if your buying feeders.
1-5 of 5 Results