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  1. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    Here's a few photos of Bettas we currently have in stock. We usually always carry veil tail, twin tail, crown tail, long fin dragon scale, long fin metallic scale, super delta tail, half moon (and its variants) as well as different types of females. If you have any betta inquiries let me know! :)
  2. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    I placed an order, but not just any ordinary order... it's a gigantic one, full of many wonderful fishes :p This order is scheduled to arrive March 23rd. These fish aren't confirmed, but I'm hoping they all arrive! I'll update when the order is received and let you know what didn't ship. 25...
  3. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    Hi guys, Here's what I've ordered to arrive this Wednesday. Nothing is confirmed, but I will post back here when I am invoiced and know what is/isn't coming. If you're looking for something, hit up the special order sticky and let me know :):bigsmile: Halfmoon Female Betta Platinum White...
  4. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    As the title says, whatcha want?!? Feel free to request fish here, as we can bring in most species for you. Depending on the price, you may need to put a 50% deposit down (fish $80+ for example, or crazy oddball fish we wouldn't otherwise order in). You can comment here or PM me. Please tell...
  5. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    We guarantee our fish for 30 days after purchase! COOL! If you buy a fish from our store and it dies within 30 days, please bring the following with you to the store for replacement or credit: The body of the deceased fish A SEPARATE water sample from your aquarium for us to test The original...
  6. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    EVERY Tuesday, we offer 50% off fish under $10! If you're looking to stock your tank without totally breaking your bank account, Tuesday's a great day to come in and grab a big school of tetras, or anything else you need! Come in early to make sure the fish you want doesn't sell out! :) Feel...
  7. Aqua Lounge
    Hi everyone, Not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but since I'm concerned about the well-being of this little guy, I thought I'd give it a shot. I was informed tonight that someone had cut/ripped the screen door that covers the Veiled Chameleon enclosure at my work, and stole the last...
1-7 of 7 Results