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  1. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Lonely guy, eating well. Needs to go! first 20$ OBO pm me!
  2. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I'm hoping to purchase a black, or purple/blue diamond (Serrasalmus Rhombeus). Real bulldog-headed, bring on the bright colours or something solid black - HEALTHY is my main concern. I know there are numerous companies online that will ship to Canada but I'd rather buy local. Anyone have...
  3. Freshwater Chat
    ill put a better one up soon so if your on youtube subscribe to my channel for more videos! piranhas eating beef heart - YouTube
  4. Classified Archive
    I have to get rid of my tank by the end of this week so these guys must go! I am located in Burnaby. PM me if you are interested.
  5. Classified Archive
    Red belly Piranha's 6"-8" very health and very very vicious $25 a piece or 5 for $100 and 10 for $180 firm I need more room for my 10" piranha's so I'm selling the little guys 604 466 9368
  6. The UnderWater Collection
    Hey everyone, We are extremely pleased to announce that our latest wild-caught Peruvian shipment has arrived as of last week and they are looking absolutely stunning. Our goal was to acclimate them as effectively as possible and keep them in a pristine environment until we find them a new...
1-6 of 6 Results