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  1. Freshwater Plants Classifieds
    Hello I have lot of Java moss from my tank. I have a breeder box full of moss. Please see pics attached . Golf size moss balls for $ 5 only. You can text me on 778 233 9372 or PM me. First come first served. thanks
  2. Classified Archive
    Hello everyone I have setup a 30 gallon long tank (3ft) at my son's school. The tank has already cycled and am looking for some low light plants. The tank was setup by contributing what we had in surplus or could spare. Someone gave the tank, other filter, gravel etc. It is not a high tech tank...
  3. Planted Tank Specific
    I have a 45g planted tank that has been running for about a month and a half. I dose Excel every other day, API leaf weekly, and a bit of Flourish mid-week. The plants have been doing great for the most part but i've noticed some of the leaves turning brown in some bits. One plant broke off at...
  4. Aqua Lounge
    Hello BCA residents! My boyfriend and I are working on a planted tank for our living room. When we moved we decided to take down all of our tanks except for our one 55 gallon. We are having troubles deciding what to do to make a nice tank that we both can enjoy, so my brother ( told...
1-4 of 4 Results