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    any size any age. 100$ would be around my max.:bigsmile:
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    2 batches of L260 Queen Arabesque Pleco youngsters (F1) are available. Each batch is 5 fishes, about 10 month old, from 1.5" to 2" total size, not exactly sexable yet. Parents are wild caught. The price is 180$ for a batch or 40$ per fish for smaller quantities. Please pm me if interested. Thank...
  3. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I have a Spotted Raphael, and a Striped Raphael asking $25 each. I also have a Bumblebee Catfish about 4-5" asking $25 for him. I have a butterfly Pleco, changes colors all the time. Asking $30 for the pleco. Must pic up in West Abbotsford. Also have a cream Apple Snail the size of a small...
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    Beautiful 55g tank with black wood stand for sale. Two doors on the bottom for easy access and storage. It will come with a $160 47" track light by National Geographic, comes with 12 light pods, 3 blue moon ones, 2 settings for lights, one just blue for nighttime and the other all the lights...
  5. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    5 inches. Brittleness pleco. $2 obo
  6. Petland Canada Port Coquitlam
    A guest came by and gave us the biggest pleco I've ever seen in my life. It's at least 3 feet long, and just... massive in girth. We're all in love with it/her, so she's not for sale and will live in our big touch tank for another 200 years. These photos aren't very good, so if you want to see...
  7. Member Photo/Video Gallery
    My planted with discus, zebra plecos, snowball pleco, leapord frog plecos .Automated with neptune apex
  8. Member Photo/Video Gallery
    I never have posted a picture of any of my tanks . So here is a shot of my 3 year old freshwater planted tank.
  9. Classified Archive
    FS: Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco Mature Female I have had her for three years and she's about 4-5 inches long. Making room for other fish. I would like to get $30
  10. Classified Archive
    $3 each or $10 for 4 or trade for easy to care plants or cherry shrimps/corydoras or grindal or white worm culture size from 1.5 in to about 4 inch Just starting to come back to the hobby since my first child haha.
  11. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    I am changing my aquarium to a cichlid tank so I must sell all of these fish 2 male + 2 female guppies + about 20 fry of varying sizes $15 for the lot 2 glass catfish $5 1 albino rainbow shark ~4 inches $5 6 longfin albino bristlenose catfish approx. 4-5cm $10 each or the lot for $50 SOLD 2...
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    I will be in the Abbotsford/Surrey area on December 29. Before reading the list, please note the following: 1) I will be bringing the livestock from Salmon Arm - so we need to confirm a pick-up location and time prior to the 29th. I will not do door to door delivery. 2) The fish must be...
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    Small batch of L340 Mega Clown Pleco fry is available. This is one of the smallest Hypancistrus, adults are up to 3.5" SL. 3 to 4 month old, approx. 1.5" total size, not sexable yet. Breeders are wild caught. 10$ each or 8$ if you buy 5 or more.
  14. Classified Archive
    4 inch algae eater / pleco -- FREE to a good home Not certain as to what species... brown with faint spotting? In Surrey near 152 st and 88 ave Call Shannon at 604-593-0826
  15. Classified Archive
    FS: L144 Female Albino Long Fin Bristlenose Pleco Adult I have had her in my tank since juvie (2 years). Beautiful fish, full grown around 6". Very active, healthy and strong. pictures taken today. Looking to get $25 or towards an inline UV twist please.
  16. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Looking for a 3 set of these guys. Looked all over, asked lfs' to check orderability, haven't heard anything yet.
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    I have a 3 spot gourami and a young pleco approx. 3" in size. Located in cobble hill.
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    Sold on Mar 29th. I have another 75G Hagen tank only on sale $120. Used Hagen 75G gallon fish tank
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    I have a used 72G bow front tank to sell. It was a salt water tank when I bought it one year ago. I have cleaned it up and used it to raise discus. Fish have grown up and been moved to a 100G tank. $120 for BCA members.72 gallon bow front Oceanic fish tank and stand Tank(with overflow pipes)...
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    FT: Nature Aquarium World by Takashi Amano ADA Plant books 1,2,3 Book 1 is the 1996 edition. Books 2 & 3 are 1994 edition All books are used but in great condition,clean and intact. These books are full of awesome photography and planted tank layouts. Hard to find and a great addition to your...
1-20 of 32 Results