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  1. Breeding/Spawning Section
    Something what I was hoping for several years finally happened. So happy.
  2. Classified Archive
    Plecos for sale in S Surrey various sizes of bristle nose plecos /also ABNP. Fri $1 each small $2 each juvinile $3 each @2" Sub adult not sexed $5 each adults $ 8 to $12 each I have been collecting...
  3. Catfishes
    Hi Folks, I thought I saw movement in my pleco cave in the 80 gallon tank today. I removed the cave with papa ABNP and flushed it gently with some water from the tank: These young plecos are from the post of the eggs in the tumber: Here is a close up of just one: I think Papa ABNP liked...
  4. Classified Archive
    Hi there, My wife and I are moving to the interior in a few months and, as moving my aquariums will just be too hard, I have reluctantly decided to sell everything bit by bit between now and then; no rush, no fire sale, just an orderly sale. I will sell the fish first and then the...
  5. African Rift Lake Aquatics
    These fish are availible from STORM Silvertip BN, juveniles, btwn 2.5 and 5cm $4) Albino BN, juveniles, aprx. 3cm ($3 or 5 for $12) Leucistic, juveniles, aprx. 3cm ($4) Full leucistic, juveniles, aprx 3cm ($6) White Cloud Mountain Minnows, ~ 1.5cm...
  6. Catfishes
    I had scooped some eggs up in my ABNP tank 3 days ago and put them in a net under the outfall of my AC50 filter. They hatched today<G>
1-6 of 6 Results