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  1. Classified Archive
    Pickup in Surrey 90th and 160th Text Kevin @ 6042023781
  2. Freshwater Chat
    Hello, I have recently acquired a second tank for my classroom: a figure 8 puffer fish + 3 bumblebee gobies. They are a big hit, and seem to be doing well. I got the entire set up from someone who was downsizing. The substrate is crushed coral. I've noticed a lot of algae growing on the surface...
  3. Classified Archive
    Selling my Green Spotter about 2"-2.5" long, it needs to be transfered into brackish/marine soon, had the puffer for about 2 years when my cousin randomly bought it for me. It's stomach only started graying out recently, I would convert an extra tank to full marine myself, but I'm not that...
  4. Classified Archive
    Gorgeous fish with a comical personality. He looks identical to the photo, including the multicoloured eyes. Selling because he is picking at my bubble coral, but is great with other tank mates. He is also doing well with my other softies and euphylia. Around 3 inches, and very healthy. Eating...
  5. Freshwater Chat
    Hi guys I recently got a 20 long and thought about making it a brackish tank! I was inspired by I have a few questions as I have only ever done freshwater First of all, what tools do I need? Something to read salt water? Is that tank overstocked in that video because I love his stocking and...
  6. Marine Livestock Classifieds
    HI, I'd like to sell or trade my young Valentini Pufferfish. Thanks
  7. Classified Archive
    48" Aquarium approx. 80gallons,two years old 48"Led lighting Timers 80lb of rock/sand Skimmer Fluval canister filter Heater etc Tank has and is still running for last years and comes with one 6" porqupine puffer and one 6"dog face puffer and one 3"green spotted puffer Some small...
  8. Introduction Area
    Hey guy's. I'm Ash, from the Orlando area and I been in this hobby for a long time. I keep fresh, brackish and soon to be salt water tanks. I have Gsp, F8's, Ghost Shrimp, Koi, Ryukin, German Blue Rams, Angels, plecos, Ghost cats, Panda and Pepper Corys and a Tiger Barb in my Snail breeding...
  9. Marine Chat
    Hi, My valentini puffer seems to constantly have little white bumps along mainly/only his underside. No, they don't look like ich. I've tried treating him and the whole tank for good measure with PraziPro dewormer in the past and it always seems to crop up again. He is not under any undue stress...
  10. Freshwater Chat
    Hi all, So yesterday I purchased an adorable little Amazon puffer from Aquariums West. I'm trying to figure out why the only behavior this fish has exhibited since being introduced to my tank is swimming up and down on a patch of glass on the back of my tank. I know puffers are known to do this...
  11. Sales/Spotted/Group Buy
    The old list seems to have died, so I though that I would start a new one. Please post what you see around town as a resource. King Eds Fahakas - small and 1 small large one Pea Puffers F8s GSPs IPU Burnaby few small SAPs left couple of MBUs F8s 1 itty bitty Congo Puffer ( T. Miurus) Fraser...
  12. Freshwater Chat
    hi everyone my puffer fish is not looking so good! the guy who sold it to me said it was ick?? it has some stuff?, haha. little bits of something all over its body and fins? i have no idea what it is. can anyone tell me more please? thank you so much!! johnny
  13. Classified Archive
    hello i have a healthy small stars and stripes puffer. i bought it and it was attacked by my other puffer so i had to quaranteen the little one or he would of been killed. i want 25.00 for him(thats what i paid) he needs a home asap
  14. Freshwater Chat
    Pick which puffer from the list that you would like to have, or list another one in the thread. Puffers regularly stocked (ie Dwarfs/GSP/Figure 8s) are not listed as neither are currently available species (ie SAPs, Fahakas, Congo, etc.)
  15. Classified Archive
    I am looking to rehome my second T. suvattii. It is currently about 3 inches and I am asking $25. Further information and articles are listed below; there will be a test before the fish is sold to ensure that it goes to a good home. The Arrowhead or Pig-nosed Puffer: Maliciously Miraculous...
1-15 of 15 Results