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  1. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    28 gallon Nano Reef Tank, stand, filter, heater, aqua illumination led lid, live rock, sand, odds and ends including refractometer, etc. Still operating but no livestock. Was magnificent but let it go and now too busy to reestablish. Reply to ad or text me 604-723-9707 Dave
  2. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    Red sea refractometer for sale . I only used it three times then went to a digital refractometer. $40.00
  3. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    hydor smart wave circulation pump controller (new in box ) $50.00
  4. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    fluval ps1 protein skimmer for sale . used for 3 months but in great shape . all cleaned up .
  5. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    NANO MARINE & REEF HIGH PERFORMANCE LED LAMP ( never used , in box ) . $40.00
  6. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    Hey i have a Fluval sea nano led for sale . Never been used still in box . I also have a Fluval Nano Aqualife and Plant Led for sale . Never been used still in box. $75.00 each .
  7. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    Hey Im looking to buy a ecotech vortech mp10 (Qd or es ) , Ecotech Marine Vortech Battery Backup , aqua illumination prime hd (or non hd ) or kessil a160we tuna blue (or older model ) for my nano reef tank . For my nano planted tank i'm looking for kessil a160we tuna sun (or older model ) . I...
  8. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    Up for sale is a Neptune Systems Apex WXM Wireless Expansion Module Great for wireless control of Ecotech radions and vortech pumps. It was only used for 3 months and is still like brand new with packaging. I paid almost $200 after tax. Sell for $140
  9. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Trying to liquidate my aquarium supplies to fund school. Food $10 NLS Medium Fish Formula 125g $15 NLS Ultra Red 1mm 125g $20 NLS Small Fish Formula 275g $5 NLS Freshwater Flake 45g $20 NLS Water Stable Wafers 250g $5 NLS Discus Formula 80g $5 Hikari Algea Wafers big bag...
  10. Classified Archive
    Tank shutdown, but in no hurry to sell. Discounts for multiple purchases. Chromis $5; Clown Goby $10 SOLD ; Firefish $15 2H Toadstool Leather $40 SOLD Finger Leather $20 SOLD Green Hammer Coral 1H $10; 2H $15; 4H $25; 6H $35; 10H (SOLD) $50 Rare Part Green Part Purple Frogspawn/Hammer LPS 1H...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I am new to owning an aquarium, so new all I have is the aquarium itself. I would like to make it into a salt water reef aquarium but, I would like some real feedback on the work involved. I am also seeking to purchase equipment to get it up and running (it's a 55 gallon).
  12. Tank Journals
    Hello, so I finally had a chance to visit J&L's aquatics and picked up some saltwater supplies. This isen't my first time doing SW, but definatly the time where I have invested the most. Ill be keeping this thread updated of progress as well as ask some questions to more expeirenced reefers out...
  13. Classified Archive
    Looking for a 40-60 gal cube rimless tank, open to full set ups
  14. Classified Archive
    I've found toddlers were incompatible with keeping my reef tank. Had to shut it down as my wife wouldn't let me ditch the kids!! I'm selling my 48" Hamilton Technology strip. It was used for just three months before shut down. It has 2x 175w metal halides, 4x 65w actinic compact...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! How's it going? I'm new to the site and just about to start up my first marine/reef tank. I've had extensive experience with freshwater and now about to graduate. I'm very excited but at the same time, hesitant. I've looked at a few tanks on CL but wasn't impressed. So now I'm gonna...
  16. Classified Archive
    Beautiful curved front edges Fluval Osaka drilled tank. New Euro reef skimmer with 240 gallon capacity, large capacity UV sterilizer (never used), Neptune controller with 3 probes, Two T5 fixtures with several new bulbs, Tons of supplements, water testing equipment etc.... All cleaned up and...
  17. Classified Archive
    Reef ready tank, Aqualight pro 250w lighting, 2 Coralife ballasts, Coralife Super Skimmer, Dart pump, 5gal bucket of salt, 4 bags sand, Megaflow biological filter system, 250 gal capacity calcium reactor, Coralife hydrometer,Megaflo regulator, CO2 tank, heater, and still more! Tank and...
  18. Tank Journals
    Let's start with introductions. Hi, I'm Albert and I like Nano of all sorts. Here's a few I've done (both past and present): Dendro Dominated Nano Zoa Dominated Nano Lily-themed FW Nano Nano Display @ Oceanic Corals Crypt-dominated 4 gallon Same tank rescaped, a few months later...
  19. Classified Archive
    Looking for salt water set up. Must have healthy corals.. I want the one without sump! 55 to 90 gallons 800 cash for the best well established reef tank:) Thanks
  20. Classified Archive
    FS: Marineland LED light fixture: 36-48" reef capable! BRAND NEW, $300, VANCOUVER See link to J&L's site: Marineland Reef Bright LED Light Fixture (36-48 Inch) I have this fixture, brand new in box, never used, for sale. It would cost you about $390 including tax to buy this locally. I am...
1-20 of 24 Results