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  1. Classified Archive
    Building a refugium looking for some spare parts for sale or trade I need some small acrylic pieces that are easy to cut 1/2inch tubing about 10 foot 100-200, no more then 200GPH pump that fits 1/2inch tubing Eshopps PF nano overflow box or any overflow box that works in biocube14 (coralife)...
  2. Freshwater Chat
    I'm thinking of building a plywood and glass fish tank in a cabinet from an old television. I plan to put a sump on the back, or maybe on the side behind the channel changer. I want to have a panel of slow moving water over some fabric that's under a light 7x24 to grow algae in the sump to...
  3. Marine Chat
    Hey guys. I've currently got a 5.5 gallon pico reef that's doing quite well for the most part, but I have noticed swings in the behavior of some of my corals, and I want some of the benefits of a 'fuge, like getting my macro algae out of the main tank, growing 'pods, having more water in the...
1-3 of 3 Results