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  1. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    This entire setup is up for grabs. Selling as we need the space. If you are interested in everything, send me a message and we can work out a deal 30 gallon tank with stand $60 Current Satellite+ Pro 24-36" LED $150 10lb CO2 system with regulator and solenoid $275 Eheim 2215/350 $100 2 bags of...
  2. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    This is an awesome (and yes, working with no leaks) CO2 regulator that I no longer have a need for. It's dual stage, so you get that precision control with no risk of end-of-tank dump. Comes with a solenoid. The biggest feature is that it has two independently controlled (via needle valves)...
  3. Planted Tank Specific
    I have a question regarding my regulator solenoid. I bought a used Milwaukee regulator and have hooked it up to a 5 lb co2 system. Everything is great except that the solenoid is not working. I can only assume it's stuck in the open position as the reg is working. When I plug it in or unplug it...
  4. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    Selling my AQUATEK CO2 Regulator Mini plus 20 oz paintball CO2 canister. They are both like new condition. Had them only for a few months but need to upgrade to a larger tank. See link below for more info on it CO2 REGULATOR SOLENOID The regulator is $139 US and the tank is about $30 US. I...
  5. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    As the title states, also includes some tubing and a plastic diffuser (pictured). Tank is almost full and this setup is in almost new condition. Pickup in East Vancouver, delivery could be arranged. Call or text 778-322-8080 $130 per for the regulator or tank if separated, I'd prefer to sell...
  6. Classified Archive
    Well, super long shot here... :bigsmile: Cash is a tight, but I do have a LOT of Canadian Tire money (It's a huuuuge pile I've been saving for nearly 15 years!) and a few gift cards/gift certificates (Cineplex, Cactus Club, EB Games) and I'd really like to get into a pressurized CO2 system...
  7. Classified Archive
    For sale is brand new never used equipment : - Aluminum CO2 Cylinder - 5 Pound, manufactured by Catalina Cylinders in Dec 2011, hydrotest good till Dec 2016 - $80 - Milwaukee Co2 MA957 Regulator Set - dual gauges, flow regulator, needle valve, electronic solenoid and bubble counter - $100
1-7 of 7 Results