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  1. Equipment Talk Section
    Hey BCA! I just bought a 220 Gallon aquarium and I'm looking to add substrate to the tank. I've been to nearly every pet store and several landscape supply locations but i can't seem to find anything satisfactory. Many of the aquarium stores that I've visited all tell me that they used to be...
  2. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Anybody know where I can get black sand or even white sand? Been to fish addicts, rogers aquatic, and different other stores today and haven’t had much luck. Need at least 90 pounds of sand. TIA
  3. Freshwater Chat
    Hi i have a 240litre tank that I'm wanting to change from gravel to sand and start a better scape. I was seriously thinking hard about changing the gravel to sand for my peppered corys but after getting some stem plants free after buying some food I am now left with an over-run of mini ramshorn...
  4. Freshwater Plants Classifieds
    If anyone has any of the above-mentioned items, please let me know via text: 604-781-2709. I'm open to paying and/or trade. Thank you.
  5. Classified Archive
    Had this sand in my freshwater planted tank for years, where it gave me excellent plant growth. Selling as much (up to 50 lbs.) or as little (down to 5lbs.) as you want. 40¢/lb. If you're looking for sand, this is a great deal not just because of the price, but because all of the fine dust...
  6. Marine Chat
    I now have a 210G tank. With i believe a 30 g sump. I want to set it up as a SWFO and have done a lot of research but am having some trouble finding a couple answers. Bought my first tank less then 4 months ago. 50G Fresh water community tank and it has been doing great, now for the first...
  7. Tank Journals
    Took down my twin Specs and replaced it with my first and probably only ADA tank. So far everything has cost me an arm and a leg, but I have to say it's been worth it. Tank sits on my desk so I will be looking at it all the time. Thank you to Joesph for all the help so far. He really knows his...
  8. Equipment Talk Section
    Hi, Just looking for a cheap-decent price sand for my aquarium...that I can buy from a store such as home depot, canadian tire,or any other local store in abbotsford, I was thinking maybe Pool filter sand but can't seem to find that anywhere in abbotsford area only in the states. The only one...
  9. Classified Archive
    Was wondering if anyone bought a bag from Lordco and has extra to spare. I need just enough for a 10 gallon tank.
1-9 of 9 Results