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    Selling the remainder of my aquarium equipment to pay for school. Sad but true. Lighting 4ft Single Bright GLO (bulb of choice included) $75 3ft Single Bright GLO (bulb of choice included) $50 3ft Sunblaster (bulb of choice included) $20 3ft Coraline Lunar Quad (bulbs of choice included) $120...
  2. Freshwater Equipment Classifieds
    Trying to liquidate my aquarium supplies to fund school. Food $10 NLS Medium Fish Formula 125g $15 NLS Ultra Red 1mm 125g $20 NLS Small Fish Formula 275g $5 NLS Freshwater Flake 45g $20 NLS Water Stable Wafers 250g $5 NLS Discus Formula 80g $5 Hikari Algea Wafers big bag...
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    Have spare Seachem Matrix Carbon for sale - 3 x 500 ml - $10 each 1 x 2 L - $36
  4. Planted Tank Specific
    Hi, Does anyone have experience using the Pfertz line of fertilizers? I saw these at Aquariums West. Just wondering if anyone uses this line and would recommend it? Essentially these are the same as Seachem or Kents products? Thanks.