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  1. Freshwater Chat
    Tank Size: 75g (4x2x2ft.) Filter: API Filstar XP (L) Light: Current USA Satellite LED Plus Heater: Eheim Jaeger 150W Hardscape: Manzanita Wood, Unknown Grey Rocks Plants: Anubias, Java Fern Substrate: CaribSea Eco-Complete Matching Stand
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    View our gorgeous fish @ | Discus farm & breeder Like our page at Follow us @cpdiscus Our Channel @ We can ship to North America continent!:D
  3. Equipment Talk Section
    I am selling/trading 3 tanks. No leaks. No lid. Willing to trade for items or just sell them. -10 gal -$20 -5. gal -$15 - 1 gal -$10 I am looking for snails, shrimp if they would trade a bunch for the amount of the tank I'm selling. I'm open to negotiation.
  4. Classified Archive
    stunning deep colored red parrot.about 4 inches.very docile and friendly rubs up my hand when i have to reach in .bumps on glass when i approach tank.recent purchase of little ones makes it difficult for them to feed as big guy takes all the food ,so he has to go.would trade for plants ,plant...
  5. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Re: Rare Lyretail Swordtails... Hello, I will give buyers free duckweed and teach how to run your fish tank without ever having to clean either siphon and/or cleaning algae off the tank walls. I have genetic stock for lyre tail - swordtails) (some top and bottom both black and some only one...
  6. Classified Archive
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a ~ $10 frags of: 1) Duncan Coral 2) Kenya Tree coral Edit: Also looking for $5 frags of zoas and palys Please pm me, preferably close to burnaby. Thanks!
  7. Island Pets Unlimited
    In the Richmond location we are looking for a quick sale of an AquaNova 157 gallon kit to make space for our new Red Sea Max and Red Sea Max S kits which we have now received. It comes with the tank with rounded corners, canopy with included wet/dry filtration, 5x t8 lights, glass tops, and...
  8. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Any size is fine, however anything over 6 inches is preferred
1-8 of 9 Results