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  1. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    I am thinking of adding 2 or 3 male guppies to my cherry shrimp tank. Right now I have adult shrimp and about 10 or more baby shrimp that range in size from 0.35" to 0.5" in size. At what size do you think it is safe to add guppies without losing any shrimplets? I'm not worried about future...
  2. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    I have only had my first shrimp for 5 days and now my berried female seems to have hatched her babies. I just saw a tiny shrimp appear on the glass! Yay! But the tank also has CPDs and they appear to be extra alert now. I think they know there are shrimp babies in the tank! They are normally...
1-2 of 2 Results