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  1. Hospital Section
    I have a female GBR in my 33 Gallon community tank that I’ve had for probably 4 months now. She’s usually very active, always greets me at the glass and practically takes food from my hand at feeding time. I came home Monday after being away since Saturday night and I found her near the top of...
  2. Hospital Section
    I have had this fish for 13 days and noticed this just before I was going to transfer her our of my quarantine tank. My 10 gallon quarantine tank is cycled, runs 2 sponge filters, contained 2 gouramis and 40 guppy fry while I have had these fish. I changed 25% water every 2-3 days with usually...
  3. Hospital Section
    alright so my four baby goldfish have been doing pretty good. but today I noticed white spots around the eye on one side of its head. I think its ich. please I need help fixing this problem. the fish are all swimming fine even the one with spots. I added aquarium salt today too.
1-3 of 5 Results