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  1. Classified Archive
    Bristlenose pleco (BNP) ONLY silvertip left. The perfect fish to help clean and keep your tank in check from algae (except bba) and diatom blooms. Extremely hardy and great size to raise up. One of the easiest fish to keep as it's requirements are less demanding. AT THIS SIZE, THEY DO THE BEST...
  2. African Rift Lake Aquatics
    These fish are availible from STORM Silvertip BN, juveniles, btwn 2.5 and 5cm $4) Albino BN, juveniles, aprx. 3cm ($3 or 5 for $12) Leucistic, juveniles, aprx. 3cm ($4) Full leucistic, juveniles, aprx 3cm ($6) White Cloud Mountain Minnows, ~ 1.5cm...
1-2 of 2 Results