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  1. Want to Buy Please Delete

    Classified Archive
    Hello, I'm looking for assassin snails. Thank you!
  2. Freshwater Chat
    Hello all, I've tried to research this on my own but haven't found a specific answer to my question, so I'm trying here: My sister-in-law has had a 10-gallon tank with just a betta for ages. She recently got hold of a mystery snail, though, that someone was trying to dispose of. All has been...
  3. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    looking for crs and cbs. asap please :) hoping for around grade s? or something and also rabbit snails :)
  4. Freshwater Livestock Classifieds
    Looking for different kinds of fresh water shrimp. Preferably not cherries. I have lots of cherries and fire reds. Very interested in orange eyes. I have two males but no females to reproduce with. Also looking for different colors ramshorns. I currently have two great ramshorns and some...
  5. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    My poor little (mystery) snail... its the baby of the tank and gets shoved around all over the place. Poor thing never really gets any real food. Also, I'm really struggling to get the hardness in my tank up so it needs to eat (home made snail jello!) to be able to deal with the fissure in its...
  6. Planted Tank Specific
    So I've been having a problem with snail infestation in my tank (mostly ramshorns that I foolishly introduced from when I tore down another tank, I believe; some pond snails too). My new band of sidthimunki loaches seems to have prevented them from increasing their numbers, but the surviving...
  7. Classified Archive
    Doe anyone know of a LFS, sponsor or anyone selling nerite snail or the horned variety. Looking for 1 or 2. Thanks.
  8. Classified Archive
    just like the title says, i'm looking for a pair of zebra snails. can pick up wherever. thanx
  9. Freshwater Chat
    Could anyone tell me what kind of snail i have here The guy at my local pet store gave them to me because he wanted to know what they r. they r running wild in his store but never get a chance to mature, because the fish always eat them. so he gave me4 and i put them into a spare tank i...
  10. Freshwater Chat
    Help all of a sudden ive got a ton of microscopic little snails in my tank from who knows what. Anybody got any surplus assassin snails theyd like to part with, preferably in the surrey langley area?
  11. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    Ok so ive got a 20g community tank thats not suppost to have snails, must hae come in with some shrimp or a peice of driftwood, i dunno. but I counted at least two dozen about 2mm across. Im told assassin snails will take them out my question is how many should i get, Im assuming theres more...
  12. Crustaceans/Inverts/Mollusks
    Hi, I really want to get a Red/Pink ramshorn snail to combact some algae on the glass surfaces that are hard for me to reach. From past experiences with a nerite snail I know that one nerite does a really good job, but poops A LOT! It was so messy. So I really just want the have one and NOT a...
  13. Freshwater Chat
    I plan on getting one zebra snail for my 3 gallon to combat the algae problem I have. I would like to know the following... 1) If there is not enough algae in the tank can I feed it something else? 2) Is aquarium salt safe for them? 3) What is the ideal temperature? My tank is usually betwee...
1-13 of 13 Results