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    4 -Uaru Cichlids approx 4 inches. $30 each. $100 for all 4. Very healthy. Super cool fish with great personalities that are fun and interesting to watch. Very peaceful. Omnivores, Not picky eaters. Love to chew on driftwood, spinach, zucchini . Needs large tank(grow to 10 inches) with no...
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    I have a few very good looking cichlids for sale: 3 Firemouth Cichlids (one is an a**hole who likes to chase and nip his brothers fins) - 3 - 5" long -> $15 ea or $35 for all three 1 Wild Caught Green Severum - 6" -> $50 1 Geophagus - 6" -> $35 (fanstastic sand sifter) 2 Panda corydoras - 2"...
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    4-5 inches in length, in a tank by self has lots of personality. Asking $15
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    He is currently in a mixed African cichlid tank and I just HAVE to get him out of there. Selling him for $50 in east Langley PM me.
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    hello fellow fishkeepers i have a 4.5 inch wild caught chocolate cichlid for $20 or a possible trade i also have a 5 inch green severum for $20 or trade a 5 inch rose queen for $30 and 2.5 inch convict for $2. if you would like to see a video check out my youtube channel brezlinful, for further...