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  1. Classified Archive
    Not growing very fast in my tank, so I'm moving on from SPS 1 5-6inch Green Monti Cap $20 1 smaller Birdsnest $5 1 larger birdsnest $15 1 4 inch Red horned monti $25 (more red than pic) Pickup in Richmond. Willing to let everything go for $50, minimum $20 purchase. Please text 778-789-1188...
  2. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    I need to shutdown my tank since I will be taking a break from the hobby for a while to focus on other things. It's sad but necessary. All this needs to go before the end of next week as I am moving apartments. I would love to have one buyer take the whole thing for $1300 but if no ones takes...
  3. Island Pets Unlimited
    Wanted to give everyone a look at our most recent shipment from Australia and other locations along with some wrasses from Micronesia! Some really rare items on this order. Call in for prices and reserve some pieces today! Golden Supernova Zoa Pink Mouth & Pink Tip Elegance Blastos...
  4. Classified Archive
    Looking for, digi, acro, mili, and any other bright sps.
1-4 of 4 Results