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  1. Marine Equipment Classifieds
    90 gal drilled fish tank L 36 W 25 H 24 comes with sump and black stand 150$ Precision Marine Skimmer good up to 200 gallons 100$ text/call for information: 604-603-7443
  2. Marine Corals/Clams/Inverts Classifieds
    GONE - someone already picked it up
  3. Classified Archive
    Building a refugium looking for some spare parts for sale or trade I need some small acrylic pieces that are easy to cut 1/2inch tubing about 10 foot 100-200, no more then 200GPH pump that fits 1/2inch tubing Eshopps PF nano overflow box or any overflow box that works in biocube14 (coralife)...
  4. Classified Archive
    is in perfect shape, no scratches in the acrylic. has a built in 10gal sump in the back, overflow on left, internal pump on right. has a spot to place a heater so it is hidden, comes full of bio!! a aerator tray so no air pump is required, has fine filter cloth pad too. the pump is plumbed but...
  5. Classified Archive
    Hi there, I am selling everything together for a low price. I have got saltwater chemicals and a protein skimmer for sale: Protein Skimmer that comes with a pump rated for up to 50 gal (AquaClear 402 pump). I don't have the name or type of the skimmer. Great condition with all parts. SALIFERT...
  6. Classified Archive
    250Gal set up-$1200 comes with -Fine white sand enough to cover bottom -250 Gal tank (78.5"x30.5"x24.5) -120 Gal sump -2 pumps -Bulkheads and hoses/fitting -Bio balls -homemade stand -three tank heaters -lights to grow plants in the sump for freshwater Everything to have this puppy running...
  7. Classified Archive
    hey guys, cleaning out some stuff tryin to fund my biocube! I have 4 tanks for sale as well as a eclipse 2 hood some nice rock, 3 differnet types the one in particular would make a neat backwall! didnt feel like posting everything twice so here are the links For the tanks: 4 fish tanks for...
  8. Freshwater Chat
    I'm thinking of building a plywood and glass fish tank in a cabinet from an old television. I plan to put a sump on the back, or maybe on the side behind the channel changer. I want to have a panel of slow moving water over some fabric that's under a light 7x24 to grow algae in the sump to...
1-8 of 8 Results