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    Expanding my collection of trophs. Looking for either WC or F1. I am interested in any of the following: Prefer colonies over 20...30 is preferred. Obviously m/f ratio is important. * sp black - magara, pemba, or ikola * sp red - nkamba bay (chilanga), lupota (purple collar) * any colony...
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    Hello everyone, I am looking for small Yellow tang other cool fish to re-stock my 90 gallon reef tank. Plz pm me pic and price. Thanks for reading.
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    Huge, healthy sohal tang. 9" long. Did I mention that she is HUGE? My tank is 175 gallons SALT WATER and she is the queen. Need to make space for other fish. Located in Langley. Absolutely no shipping - too stressful for the fish of this size. YOU WILL PICK UP STRAIGHT FROM MY TANK. If you...
1-3 of 3 Results