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    Hi all, I have for sale: Aqueon 15 gallon. In brand new condition, never held water, only thing ever in it is some dry sand. $30. Aqueon 20 gallon long (30long x12high x12wide) Held water fine for 6 months, just don't have the space for it. $30 Sunlight Supply New Wave 4x24W T5HO with...
  2. Classified Archive
    Hey guys here is the list. 72x19x19 110 or so gallon RR tank with dual overflows in back corners with very basic stand. 350OBO. I have one of the overflows off right now, but hole is still there just with a bulkhead and I have the overflow.Tank is in good shape, few minor scratches...
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    Sunlight Supply Tek Light 6 Bulb T5 Fixture (36 Inch, 6x39W) Goes for 300$ new. No guarantee on bulbs spectra, but does come with 2 white/2 actinic blue. Have cable for ceiling mounting as well.
1-3 of 3 Results