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    Coming soon: Short and Regular bodied Pearlscale fry... Parents of the Pearlscale fry 6" Female Rotkeil Severum $15 1" - 2" Rotkeil Severum fry $4 each or 4/$10 Pics below are what they will look like as adults Male Female
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    I have 50 or so beautiful Cichlids for sale. Up to 5" in size. $4.00 each. Cheaper by the dozen. View at: cichlid feeding time - YouTube and also orange_cichlids.3GP - YouTube.
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    Selling Green Texas Cichlid only 5 inches now but it is growing quick and healthy fish...will take $35 or trade for any kind or cool fish..let me know what you have! Thanks Ray ------------------- PM IF INTERESTED. :D PICS BELOW: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
1-3 of 3 Results