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  1. Hospital Section
    Hi all Input needed. My work (vet clinic) has a ~6g fluval "chi" tank (aka: the suicide hotel) and I've been noticing these little white worms. It started a while ago, I'd see one or two, no big deal but now the population has EXPLODED. They are EVERYWHERE, all over the glass, swimming, living...
  2. Classified Archive
    Anyone looking for live, chemical free dew worms send me an email. Located in Richmond. Packaged at time of order in an organic peat based soil. Dew worms are hand picked and available year round for $ 3.00 / dozen.
  3. Aquarium Photography
    Hi all, The photo below is of a freshwater planarian flatworm (Polycelis coronate) as it crawls along the surface of a submerged leaf. I posted this photo and a number of others on my blog tonight. I have had a life-long fascination with planaria (I blame my sister, as I explain in my blog)...
  4. Hospital Section
    First, I want to thank Pat for the help so far with my attempt to kill what I think is callamanus worms. Just wanted to get some more opinions. A month ago I got a guppy from a LFS that definitely had the red worms in the anus. I was stupid and did not quarantine the fish for a full two weeks...
1-4 of 5 Results