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Anniversary Video. (June 28, 2013)

Table of Contents

1). July 1, 2011. The Beginning. Equipment List
2). Feb. 12, 2012. Wind back (July-Sep, 2011)
3). Feb.17, 2012. Wind back (Oct-Dec, 2011). Fighting GHA
4). Apr. 8, 2012. New MH Bulbs
5). May 17, 2012. RBTA split. Coral Pictures (Day & Actinic)
6). July 10, 2012. Loss from Heat Wave. Frags from Fragalot (Nov)
7). Nov 12, 2012. FTS & New Addition: Crocea Clam, Tube Anemones.
8). Nov 20, 2012. 1st Video uploaded to YouTube
9). Nov 23, 2012. 2nd Video, Zoa Garden, X'mas Coral 2012
10). Dec 17, 2012. RBTA's taken out.
11). Jan 19, 2013. Added Naso & Sailfin after trip to Maui
12). Feb 17, 2013. Sump & Macro Pictures
13). Feb 21, 2013. DIY Coral Viewer & Top down Pictures
14). Mar 1, 2013. More Fragalot fragsx2 New Frag Rack
15). Mar 20, 2013. Naso Died! Another GB with Lot of Red Acans! Close-up coral pictures.
16). Mar 21, 2013. New $$ Dussumieri Tang!
17). Mar 24, 2013. New Video
18). Mar 27, 2013. Actinic & Tube Anemones Pictures
19). Apr 13, 2013. Bad eBay MH bulbs. Fragbox Frags & Fish room Pictures
20). June 22, 2013. 2nd Anniversary Video
21). Aug 8, 2013. Coral pictures & FTS
22). Aug 14, 2013. CPR Refugium added. 14 Hours Power Outage!!!
23). Sep 9, 2013. Post Power Outage Pictures
24). Sep 15, 2013 Space Monster Captured (Nov)
25). Nov 7, 2013. Table of Contents added on Journal. New Powerhead.
26). Nov 28, 2013. Pluffy Acans, X'mas Shopping (UPS & X'mas Coral 2013)

After switching over to salty on my 46 Gal Bowfront just over 6 weeks ago, I went n picked up a 120 Gal last Sunday. It was quite fun moving it upstairs! We barely made the turn and I don't think I want to move it again within the next few years! LOL

Tank was drilled on the back and it came complete with all the equipments since the seller was leaving the hobby.

Here's is list of the main equipments in the package: *Items in RED were added later.

120 Gal Tank (4'x2'x2')
White Stand
30 Gal Sump
- 2x250W (14,000k) M.H. with lunar lights (12 LED's)
- 4x65W PC (2x 454, 2x 50/50)
- 48" Blue LED Strips x2
- AquaC Romora Protein Skimmer
- AquaC EV-120
DIY In-Sump Algae Scrubber
Mangroves x5
Modded Vertex UF-15 w Bio-pellets, Zeo-bak dosing.
Return Pump
- Koralia Evolution 1150 x2 on UPS (APC 600W)
- Jebao WP-40 (Nov.9, 2013)
200W heaters x2 on Temperature Controller
ATO w. 5 gal reservoir
CPR Hang on back Refugium w 24" PC light (Macro Algae)
80lbs Liverocks, Livesand

Reef advantage calcium
Reef carbonate alkalinity
Magnesium (liquid)

After 4 days of hard work, the system is finally up n running. Currently cycling with couple of green chromis. Will be adding 3 more next week.

Pictures time! :D

After cleaning, rinsing, filling n draining the tank twice...

Filling the tank slowly using R/O water. Yes, slowly.... It took almost 3 days until it's finally filled to the top. Salt is being mixed in the tank that's why the water looks cloudy.

After a thin layer of sand, the big, base pieces of rocks are put in place.

Then stacking the med. size pieces...
My intention is to create as many caves n bridges as possible, while leaving room for coral placements.

Topping up the tank to get the system going. As for the sump, I have the following...
1st chamber: bag to catch debris - only for week 1 and will be taken out soon. Protein Skimmer.
2nd: 200w heater
3rd: Liverock rubbles and couple of crabs that I found while cleaning the liverocks
4th: Return pump

With the new 2x250w Metal Halide n my old Coralife 4x65w Power Compact.

M.H. Off


Thank you for looking!
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Looks great, seeing SW tanks make me feel on setting mine up lol

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Thanks everyone for the kind words!

I will soon have to get some stock out of the 46gal n transfer them into this one. It is overloaded with all the fish n corals that came with the 120gal. Nitrate has gone up from 20 to 40! Not good! :(

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So sorry that I have left this "Journal" for so long! I was having trouble uploading pics shortly after the setup. Then totally forgot about it... Haaha!

Alright! Let me bring you guys back in time! Roughly about 6 months ago...

July 22nd, 2011 (4 weeks since set up...).

More pictures to come.... :)

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Really nice, i cant wait to c how it looks now :D

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I like your placement of the LR
Looking good
Yeah it looks fine but the no. of corals i can put in there r limited w this placemet... Shld have done a slanted wall like most ppl do. That way i can keep buying more frags. Lol

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Yeah it looks fine but the no. of corals i can put in there r limited w this placemet... Shld have done a slanted wall like most ppl do. That way i can keep buying more frags. Lol
Actually you have lot of places to stick corals still. I see you have Tonga branching rock so what I would do is glue or epoxy some corals onto the branches. Works great. I do that with my branching hammers.

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Sep.7, 2011 (2 1/2 months since set up)

Added more corals. More fish! I had been visiting J&L at least 2 times a week! A new fish every week, new corals every visit for the first month and a half. Big Mistake! Apparently the tank couldn't handle the rapid increase in bio-load. The little AquaC Remora HOB Skimmer was just way too small for the 120gal! Upgrade is a Must!

With the assistant of "several" missing/dead fish (Coral Beauty, Firefish, Lawnmower Blenny, Bangai Cardinal, a Big Strawberry Snail, couple of dead crabs in the sump. Hmmm... have I missed any!? LOL), algae started to take off...

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I have been doing 20% every 2 wks from Day 1. Do they eat green hair algae?
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