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selling a beautiful 125 reef aquarium stocked with softies, and lps and fish.
Hammer corals, leathers, mushrooms, frogspawn, zoas, torch corals and much more.
Fish are hippo tang, big clownfish, damsels, flame angel, six line wrasse, yellow tang, yellow line maroon clownfish, 24 inch snowflake eel. shrimps and tons of little crittters.
Acrylic 30 gallon sump with return pump vertex omega skimmer, top off unit, powerhead wavemakers, 3 Led units, Dosing pump and more. Extra salt, pumps, food and other odds and ends. I put at least $10000 in this aquarium over time. Letting everything go for $3000.
The person who buys it needs to disassemble himself. I have no time to help. Its a beautiful aquarium. And you get it at a very low cost. IMG_2570.jpg IMG_2571.jpg IMG_2572.jpg IMG_2563.jpg
1 - 2 of 2 Posts