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2 36" coralife light fixtures

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I had this up previously in the marine section, I'll try giving this area a go.

I have 2 36" coralife square pin power compact flourescent light fixtures 96W. Both are in working order, but only one has a working bulb. The only blemish is on one of the splash guards there is a scorch mark about the size of a loonie. I bought these off a guy here in chilliwack for $100 a few months ago and used for a few days, but now I just want these gone as I need a proper light setup for plants.

I'm selling both for $50. The bulb comes with 1 working 50/50 10,000k and actinic blue.

Open to trades as well.

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Bump, now $50. Tired of these taking space.
$40 come and get them. I will also buy something off you if you buy them. I need a canister filter for my 50g.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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