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So I started this tank 5 weeks ago, I used old ada from my 29g which had been cycled for 1 yr...

I did the dry start and planted HC, I want to keep this tank as neat as possible so I can see the shrimps...

The Idea for this tank is just to have CRS/CBS/GBS and maybe in the future KK also may throw in some Super Red Sakura Shrimp.

The plants and wood are carefully placed, the theme here is sort of like a Japanese garden!!(ZEN Style)

Here are the specs:

Coralife 2x24wt5ho stealth black
20g 3pc glass rimless back painted stealth black
200w Hydor inline heater
Ehiem Pro 3 Ultra G series filter
20 lb CO2 tank with reg and atomizer

substrate and plants:
ADA amazonia II and ADA amazonia powder
mini pellia
mermaid weed
1 piece of wood

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Ok so here's how it started....

then came the dry start with 2 pots of HC, which didn't turn out well. I found after 3 weeks it was not really growing.


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And here it is tonight...

the HC growing in with co2 injection, Who likes the CO2 tank colour matched to the wall?
a total fluke when I got it painted by dbc marine....


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K guys not much has happened lately, But I was bored a week ago so I did a WC and acclimatized some test shrimp to see how they would do....

There were 2 babies that came with the mini pellia, 1 cbs and 1 crs. They were super tiny about 2mm and made the 2hr trip in the bag dry AMAZING!!
Now they are about 5mm in just a week.

I added 1 female and 2 males and if they breed then so be it. I also tossed a gbs in the mix.

I eventually have plans to stock Super White, Crowns and Red Legs, but that will be later this summer.

So here are the long awaited pics taken 10 minutes ago!

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