1. 75g standard tank with stand. Black sand. Rena XP3. Lots of driftwood, crypts, buces, anubias, java fern. Stand has 2 storage cabinets. $200.

2. 75g standard tank with stand. Comes with stand. The stand works for a half filled tank, but not sure I'd trust it full. Fair amount of scratches. Comes with sand, driftwood, probably some java fern and anubias in there. $50.

3. 45g? Dimensions are 30"x18"x20.5". Tank is in good shape. Comes with sand, rocks, driftwood. This tank is in good shape. No stand. $50

4. 37g tall. Dimensions are 20"x17.75"x24.75" Comes with stand and sand. A few pieces of driftwood. $50

Also have a Rena XP4 new in box. Never used. $150 API Filstar XL Rena XP4 External Canister Filter 450gph/265g
Pool filter sand 20lbs in unopened bag. $20.


All of these tank are currently holding water and need a little scrub down. These tanks looks sad, but hopefully someone here can put a little life in to them. Any questions please ask.