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55g Planted tank

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This is my first attempt at a high tech tank. It has co2 but i stayed with regular sand and gravel.
Adding diy dry ferts, I'm starting to figure out how much and when.
love my satellite current pro plus led light.


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Nice tank. :)
if I was a fish I would wanna live in it. lol. Looks dam good
Gorgeous! Like the Secret Garden, for fish.
What fish is that? Can't make it out
I have 3 pairs of killifish. First time for me with these killies, pretty easy guys to take care of.
I wish my first planted tank was like that! :)
Bien your tanks are amazing too. This is from the person who has seen Bien's tanks :D
I wish my first planted tank was like that! :)
Thanks Bien, I hope to set up a tank like your's in the furture. Big learning curve for me, thanks for the plants again.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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