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Lighting: 4x 54W 6000k, 18000k
Photoperiod: 10am-3pm / 3-7pm siesta / 7-11pm

Substrate: Eco-Complete capped with Flourite Red & 3m Colorquartz Black Sand

CO2: Injected @ 2.5bps (25ppm)
PH: 6.5
Temp: 28C (regulated by temperature of light)

GH: 5
KH: 1.5

KNO3: 8.25ppm 3x weekly
K2SO4: 2.37ppm 3x weekly
KH2PO4: 8.4ppm 3x weekly
Fe-EDTA 3x weekly
MgSO4 1x weekly
Mn 1x weekly
CaCI2 1x weekly
GH Boost 1x weekly


Blyxa Japonica
Limnophila Aromatica
Ludwigia Repens
Glossostigma Elatinoides
Riccia Fluitans
Rotala Macrandra
Pogostemon Stellatus
Hygrophila Difformis
Hygrophyla Corymbosa
Cryptocoryne Beckettii
Bacopa Colorata
Hygrophila Polysperma
Alternanthera Reineckii


Cardinal Tetra
Black Tetra
Leopard Danio
Ocelot Danio
Gold Danio
Red Danio
Fire Danio
Pearl Danio
Blue Danio
Zebra Danio
Sarpea Tetra
Khuli Loach
White Cloud Minnow
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