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Hey. I'm having to give up being an aquarist for the time being due to consistent travel. Offer me a price for everything or I can sell individually.

77 Gallon Black Hagen Aquarium (48" L x 24" H x 16"W) - needs to be recaulked with silicone. 8 years old and comes with a black cover with a window for the light. I don't expect to receive much for this if anything as I said it needs some TLC if handy with silicone. Back is painted black on exterior with aquarium-safe paint.

Black Aquarium Cabinet (49.5" L x 26" H x 17.75" W) Three cabinet doors with push latches. Shelf in R and L portions.

Sunken Log attached to tile to prevent buoyancy though probably no longer need the ballast (32" L x 10" H) with branches providing shelter for fish and surface was covered in plants. Second smaller piece of sunken wood as well covered in plants.

FLUVAL LED aquarium top light with remote for different luminosities and colours. (48" - 60" L extensible x 4" W). Only 4 months old with receipt.

Long Python Hose for aquarium drainage/cleaning/refilling.

Max Jet Agitator for current and aeration.

Two Aqua Clear 70 Filters with sponges, phosphate filters and bacteria culture beads.

Two 300W Aquarium Heaters - one still in package and never used, FLUVAL, the other is less than a year old, Marina.

Fish: (25 -27 different sizes)
two koi and one striped angel fish, medium/large.
two large golden gouramis
one large Bosemon rainbow fish
7 Buenos Aires tetras
6-8 Blackskirt Tetras
3 zebra danios
2 adult, albino corydoras catfish
1 otoclinus - adult, small - eats algae off rocks.
All healthy and none are too old though the rainbow has been around for at least six years.

some Java Ferns, Anubias and some stringy type I don't know the name.

Three buckets of medium-sized, washed, multi-coloured gravel. Plus a bucket of rocks.

Some other paraphernalia as well if wish to look. As I said, give an offer for everything or individual items. Aquarium is already disassembled and good to go with fish and plants in temporary large container with filters. Thanks.
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